Trying to Catch Up…

It’s been several weeks of silence here, due to more chaos than usual in our lives. Here’s a quick rundown on what’s been going on. I went out to California to attend a Pagan academic conference (the first I’ve ever been invited to) and back out again to attend PantheaCon, the largest Pagan Convention on the Left Coast—with some 2,000+ attendees and staff! While I was there I had the mind-bending experience of meeting folks I hadn’t seen in over twenty years—most of whom I managed to recognize after a while…

Royalty checks and advances, plus Phae’s sales commissions and bonuses have enabled us to catch up with all our current bills—we finally own Phae’s car free and clear! Now we can start paying off all our other long term loans…

I’ve been busy doing copy-edits on my forty-years-in-the-writing Druidism book, Bonewits’s Essential Guide to Druidism, which will be out in August 2006. I’ve also been doing promo and booksignings for my recently published The Pagan Man and Bonewits’s Essential Guide to Witchcraft and Wicca, both of which seem to be selling briskly. For details on these and other titles, you can visit my Books page.

I just spent an hour adding links to my MP3s page on all my song lyric pages. Now I’m wishing that I knew how to make a PayPal shopping cart for my MP3s, because PayPal’s minimum 33 cent charge on every $1 sale means I lose a third of my income from those MP3s, not to mention buyers getting tired of having to repeat the buying process over and over again… Is there anyone out there who could code it for me?

The news has been sparking lots of ideas for political entries here, which I hope to get to in a week when the BEGD copy-edits are done. Then Phae and I will be starting the writing on a brand new book: Real Energy: Systems, Spirits, and Substances to Heal, Change, and Grow, which will be published in 2007 by New Page.

Simultaneously, I’ll be working on my mainstream political book on the pernicious influences of gnostic dualism in American culture.

Oh, and I’m also taking steps to plant an ADF grove here in Rockland County, NY.

That should keep me busy for a while…

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5 Responses to Trying to Catch Up…

  1. shastaofthewolves says:

    How about this, has free code for PayPal shopping cart.

  2. Chirael says:

    both of which seem to be selling briskly

    That’s great news!

    taking steps to plant an ADF grove here in Rockland County, NY


    Sorry I can’t help with the PayPal shopping cart. As you know, ADF’s own druid shopping items store (ADF Regalia) could use the very same thing.

    The difficulty, as you’ve encountered, is finding one which follows the KISS philosophy. Searching google for paypal “shopping cart” seems to produce a lot of hits though, including the link shastaofthewolves posted.

    Good luck, and let us know if you find anything good!

  3. Chirael says:

    Not sure if you’ve seen this, but PayPal alleges to have a good free PayPal shopping cart on their system: “When you use PayPal’s free Shopping Cart on your website, your customers can purchase multiple items with a single payment, browse your entire selection, and view a consolidated list of all their items before purchasing.”

  4. igsaisb says:

    How did the grove organizing meeting go?

    Nobody showed up except the three of us (Arthur, Phae, and myself). I’ve reserved the evening of April 30th way in advance for Beltaine rites.

  5. igsaisb says:

    Ah, heck. That’s a bummer. Do you think that there isn’t interest in the building a grove or was it unfortunate scheduling?

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