New “Poly Partners with Disabilities” E-List

I was just sent this and thought I should share:

“Disabilities present many challenges to the average family and there are many options for discussion, support and venting. Unfortunately, polyamorous families find most of these discussion groups don’t cover all the dynamics presented by our chosen family make-up.

This group was created for poly families who have a member who has been diagnosed with a long or short term disability. It is open to disabled partners, caregivers, family members, extended family members and friends. Please use this group as a place to share your experience, strenth and hope with each other through internet conversation. Feel free to ask questions, vent frustrations or share stories of hope.

This group is not modified, per se. Message posts are sent to the list without approval by the moderator. Obviously, differences of opinion are expected as is a bit of cursing here and there, but please use common courtesy in your responses. Written attacks on individual members, cyber-stalking and spamming can result in loss of membership.”

To subscribe send blank email to: PolyPartnersWithDisabilities-subscribe@

BTW, for those who didn’t know, we have a Pagan Polyamory Page here on our website, which I have just updated to fix broken links and add a few new books.

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