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[Philip Emmons Isaac Bonewits (b. 1949, BA in Magic from the University of California at Berkeley, 1970), author, musician and founder of Ár nDraíocht Féin: A Druid Fellowship, passed away August 12, 2010.]

[ has been left mostly as it was the last time Isaac edited it in April 2010. Some small changes and additions (like this one) have been made by his widow, Phaedra Bonewits, and are indicated (mostly) by [bracketing] or strikeouts. Phaedra is maintaining the Bonewits blog, Views from the Cyberhenge. You can contact Phaedra at Phaedra @ neopagan dot net (take out the spaces and make it a dot, of course).]

This website contains materials by and about Isaac and Phaedra Bonewits and their topics of expertise: Druidism, Paganism, Witchcraft, magic(k), ritual design, polytheology, polyamory, tarot, energy work, etc. It includes updated versions of many of their writings now floating about the Net, excerpts from current and upcoming books, song lyrics (serious, silly, bawdy, and invocatory), curmudgeonly rants about Satanists and other Christian Fundamentalists, and other items to educate, enlighten, annoy and/or amuse. This is an archive site, so old items are numerous. Almost everything here represents our personal opinions. You are welcome to start your own website to promote your own opinions.

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(NOTE: Isaac passed away from his cancer August 12, 2010)
Yes, it's true,
Isaac has cancer in the vicinity of his root chakra. As of April 7th, he is going through additional rounds of chemotherapy and has finished radiation treatments. He seems to be doing reasonably well, the tumors are shrinking, and we are both grateful for the prayers and donations that are keeping our heads above water in this stressful time. Read our blog for occasional updates and our Facebook Fan Page for daily notes and news. All healing energies sent our way will be gratefully accepted. We are auctioning special autographed editions of our books at eBay to raise money for the cancer bills and to replace lost income (search under "Bonewits" and look for books labled "Cancer Fund".)

Phaedra now has a cooking blog in which she shares her delicious recipes!

Kensington Books/Citadel Press says that they are going to print more copies of Bonewits's Essential Guide to Witchcraft and Wicca.

Isaac is currently working on three books: a full-length work on the laws of magic and a brief guide to Neopaganism, as well as a book about cancer, tentatively entitled, Cancer Is a Pain in the Butt!

Phaedra is working on cataloging our five-thousand book library at Library Thing, and collecting notes for a book on magic and the senses.

Remember, if you have read and enjoyed any of our books, please take the time to post reviews online, especially at, Barnes and, etc. The reviews at Amazon, in particular, are echoed on literally hundreds of other websites and strongly influence sales.

For more information about our book titles, see our Books Page. To order books, visit our Amazon Book Store. For jewelry purchases of Isaac's designs, please go to Isaac's page at Amulets by Merlin. For Isaac's music CDs and lecture tapes, go to Isaac's Page at ACE. For various products made with Isaac's graphic designs, go to Isaac's Cafe Press Store. For Tarot readings by Isaac and Phaedra Bonewits, click that link.

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Help us move to Oregon!

We live in one of the most expensive parts of the USA (just north of New York City) and really need to move someplace cheaper. We've been focusing our hopes on Ashland, Oregon for a few years now. Ashland is a small town just north of the California border near the coast and is home to the Oregon Shakespeare Festival, which runs ten months out of every year. So the whole town is filled with actors, musicians, writers, poets, and other creative folks, while having a large and steady influx of tourists. It's also Druid Central for the West Coast (hi guys!) with several different Druid groups in residence. Just the place for a couple of Pagan Elders to spend their later years!

The fact that the cost of living is about a third lower than what we're paying now means that our meager income will stretch much further. There's a branch of Phaedra's store just fifteen miles up the Interstate in Medford (a city that also has an international airport, so we can quickly and cheaply get there to fly off to gigs). In Ashland, Isaac hopes to open a tarot parlor where he can write and teach when he's not giving readings.

We estimate that the cost to move ourselves, our cats, and literally a ton of books, will be at least $10,000 (including movers, first & last, security, and a month of groceries). Anyone who would like to help us out can donate using the PayPal box to the right of these words. As with our general support fund, you can also send money to [Phaedra] at [PO Box 603, Pittsboro, NC 27312].

Donate to our Moving Fund

Isaac and Phaedra say. . .

We get a lot of people trying to contact us (amid 1000+ spams a day), so we’re buried in unanswered phone messages, email and snailmail. We do appreciate the many kind remarks people send us — we just can’t respond to most of them! If you are looking for advice on books or groups, please explore our site thoroughly and follow the many links we have here. We can’t be your personal mentors, we can’t recommend local teachers where you live, and we’re not interested in being “saved” by spiritual bullies. Before joining any group, analyse it using the Cult Danger Evaluation Frame. If you’re looking for information on Neopagan Witchcraft or “Wicca,” and/or local Neopagan groups or individuals near you, visit the world’s largest database of such matters: The Witches’ Voice. If you’re looking for Druid contacts, visit our Current Druid Groups and Friends page. Email threatening us with divine (or demonic) wrath is trashed automatically by our email programs and we never see it, so don’t bother even writing it. Email from genuinely loving Christians is appreciated for its rarity, but please, go talk to your demonically obsessed brethren instead of us — they need it far more than we do.

Due to the spam plague, email with a subject heading of “Hi,” “Hey there,” “Hello,” or without any subject at all, gets filtered out. Putting the word “Pagan” in the subject line will usually filter your message in. Avoid using words and phrases that commonly appear in the spam you receive. :)

We do have some e-lists at Yahoo Groups. Go to the E-Lists page for details.

(P. E.) Isaac Bonewits, Adr.Em./ADF (1949-2010)
and Phaedra Bonewits
Email: [phaedra at neopagan dot net].
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