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Virtues: 2 Filters, 3 Pillars, & Many Authors

I’d like to imagine (instead of apathy repetitively answered with proprietary clarity) recognizing virtues as common ground even though people across the globe teach, define, stress, and associate them a bit differently.
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A Spell for Democracy: Encourage the Debaters

Tomorrow night will be another Democratic debate and I’m sure there will be another Republican one soon as well. Let’s try watching the debates and using our magical skills to literally en-courage all the candidates to be open and honest … Continue reading

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We’re So Convenienced, It’s an

I used to live a cheaper and better life in many respects.

Our fridge broke down, on a Friday of course. Totally. About four years old. Just past the warrantee. No warning signs. Temp seemed fine all along until sometime during Thursday night. We had gotten an expensive model that had an ice and water dispenser, complete with lock function. ‘Cause we deserved it. Well, I’m to the snappish point and my ‘tude is now that I’m not going to ride the dang things to Mars and back so give me simple, cheap, and durable.

In the last 12 years, I’ve had 2 larger chest freezers, two fridges, and one standing freezer die on me, all relatively young units, only the last one a more expensive model. Only one died when it wasn’t the weekend or a major feast holiday. No joke. Neither is that kind of waste. Continue reading

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Christian Warlocks Strike Again!

Fire up a candle or three to put protection spells around the Staff of Americans United for the Separation of Church and State. A Baptist minister is using his church’s website and internet radio show to call for death curses … Continue reading

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Spells for Democracy: August Vacation Edition

Hi everyone, Everyone’s on vacation, including Justice and Liberty! The Iraq government (which is busy marking time till the Americans leave, so they can own their own damned oil), Congress, and even Mr. Bush have left the hot cities for … Continue reading

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