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Offline for a few days

If you are sending us email or waiting for new blog posts, you may have to wait a while. We will be offline for a few days due to financial difficulties. If you’d like to see us back up and … Continue reading

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Isaac’s Jewelry Designs to Arrive Sooner

All of my designs of Pagan and Druidic symbols are now available directly from my silversmith Merlin of Amulets by Merlin fame. As with autographed books, I’ll bring copies to festivals and speaking gigs, but all the online orders will … Continue reading

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Isaac’s Iota

With the Feast of the Turkey God coming up, it’s a good time to give thanks to those who have taught so many of us so very much. Every year the Roman Catholic Church does a special collection of donations … Continue reading

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We’re So Convenienced, It’s an

I used to live a cheaper and better life in many respects.

Our fridge broke down, on a Friday of course. Totally. About four years old. Just past the warrantee. No warning signs. Temp seemed fine all along until sometime during Thursday night. We had gotten an expensive model that had an ice and water dispenser, complete with lock function. ‘Cause we deserved it. Well, I’m to the snappish point and my ‘tude is now that I’m not going to ride the dang things to Mars and back so give me simple, cheap, and durable.

In the last 12 years, I’ve had 2 larger chest freezers, two fridges, and one standing freezer die on me, all relatively young units, only the last one a more expensive model. Only one died when it wasn’t the weekend or a major feast holiday. No joke. Neither is that kind of waste. Continue reading

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Book sales via halted

If you got here from our front page, you already saw this announcement. But if you didn’t, here it is again: After a great deal of thought, Isaac and Phaedra have decided to cease selling autographed books via this website. … Continue reading

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Music News!

Finally, after over ten years of waiting, it looks like ACE will release Isaac’s third (Real Magic’s second) album of Pagan folk-rock sometime this fall. You can pre-order it now for $17.50 (including S&H): MP3s are now available from my … Continue reading

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Merry Solstice!

And a Happy Hannukwayulmas to you and yours from us and ours. Continue reading

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Bennie’s Saga Continues

I posted a few nights ago about the unpleasant (and very expensive) medical problems that Bennie seems to be experiencing. Well we now know a little more about what’s going on… Continue reading

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