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A Kinder Gentler Triumphalism/Unilateralism?

On Ralph Peters’ Return of the Tribes

Ralph Peters is essentially saying that, globally, Christianity (inferred in the scope of his works) must “recognize and exploit (class warfare?) local customs (which he states often are “cumulative” rather than proactive and have to do with syncretic Shamanism, magic, “exclusive” “barricades,” and connection to the Earth) in order to enact “the religious counterrevolution of our Islamist enemies.” Continue reading

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Well … today I was mulling over why on Earth people tend to see logic as cold or unemotional/impersonal. How completely odd, when you really start thinking about it and recall an array of debates you’ve witnessed or participated in, … Continue reading

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This Woman’s Perspective on Hypervigilance

“The FBI has drafted sweeping legislation that would require Internet service providers to create wiretapping hubs for police surveillance and force makers of networking gear to build in backdoors for eavesdropping, CNET has learned. ”


From an emotional perspective of this former domestic abuse victim, the (1) hypervigilance of the government compounded by (2) abuses and (3) failure to protect feels eerily like (drum roll) … my abusive ex. Continue reading

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