Morning View from outside the Hospital

I really regret having had the flu last week when Isaac originally went into the hospital. He’s been so ill, he hasn’t been efficient at getting the info to me over the phone, which has kept me confused about which doctor is which and what’s all going on. Today, I think I’m going to sit down with the nurses and get a complete list of all the doctors (there’s got to be five or so) and their contact information. I did notice yesterday that the hospital has huge signs at all the entrances saying if you have any flu symptoms, please stay away. So, while I knew I did the right thing, I’m very much playing catch-up now.

A big problem has been that he has two overlapping conditions. He had—still has—a very bad prostate infection. He had cysts that were infected. He’s been running a fever for, well, maybe weeks now. The good news is that seeking treatment for that issue is what led them to find the cancers. The bad news is, a lot of treatment has been on hold until the infection(s) are under control.

Last night for the first time, I was able to talk to the oncologist directly, so I feel now I have a little better idea of what’s happening. One thing I noticed is that she didn’t call them tumors, she called them lesions. I have no idea if that’s a significant medical difference, or just more precise medical jargon. Add that to the “find out” list. I did ask how it all got missed when he had the colonoscopy last year. I’m not sure I completely understood the answer. She said it was hidden. *Sigh.* Ultimately, it doesn’t matter. That was then, this is now, they found them now.

As of last night, they were comfortable calling them all squamous cell carcinomas, which is like getting skin cancer on tissue inside the body. The first choice, considering where the lesions are located, is chemo and radiation. That may start as soon as today, if the infections are under control. The infectious disease doc has got to give the ok for that. The surgeon will be out of the picture, unless his bowels become obstructed. If that happens, surgery will happen right away.

So, I’m off to find out what’s going on.

Keep those cards and letters coming.

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