Hubby Hubby

In keeping with the food theme…

Ben and Jerry’s has teamed up with Freedom to Marry and has renamed their Chubby Hubby flavor as Hubby Hubby to “celebrate Vermont and all the other great states where loving couples of all kinds are free to marry legally.”

Wouldn’t it be great if impertinent pertinent portions of the Constitution or other inspiring texts (news articles, whatever informs and inspires) were handed out as party favors to be read out loud at Hubby Hubby ice cream parties (not just for gays, of course), after which everyone walked off the calories while wearing marriage rights T-Shirts?

Elsewhere in current events…Democrats and Gays seek to repeal Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA), heh. I say heh because DOMA was signed by Democratic President Bill Clinton. Repealing DOMA isn’t a Democrat vs. Republican thing as much as it is a civil rights thing. Some gay politicians are not backing the bill because they don’t believe it has enough political support at this time. They want to play it safe.

Paradigm shifting isn’t “safe,” of course, and it hardly ever seems to have enough support, initially, thanks to tyranny of the majority. Doesn’t mean one doesn’t try and get the ball rolling in the process.

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2 Responses to Hubby Hubby

  1. ibonewits says:

    Part of the problem is that creedism is even less discussed in the mainstream media than racism and homophobia are. Why? Because a major component of homophobia is creedism based on scriptural prohibitions of non-reproductive sex. They can avoid that kind of sex if they like, but the breeders can’t stop others from not being breeders, no matter how hard they try.

    The instant New York legalizes marriage equality, Phae and I will happily be marrying same-sex couples here!

  2. sari0009 says:

    I agree that arguments for marriage being only between one man and one woman are based on creedist notions that don’t go on the basis of actual behavioral patterns and demonstrated abilities.

    Nothing prohibits same sex couples from living functional demonstrable ethics, virtues, and all the rest that serves as a solid foundation for marriage, of course, and it’s the worst double standard that traditional marriage suffers such high abuse and divorce rates but is held as superior to all other forms of marriage, regardless.

    If they were really interested in protecting marriage, they’d focus on moral and ethical stamina and seriously (!) decrease all sorts of abuse rates as well as divorce rates in their own demographics.

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