Real Magic School opens February 29th

Phaedra and I are very excited to announce the upcoming opening of Real Magic School at on February 29th. This will give us the opportunity to teach both beginning and experienced students of the occult arts, Wiccans, Druids, and other Neopagans.

Here’s the official press release, which we encourage you to pass around (along with these comments):

Real Magic School to Open Leap Year Day, By the Most Unique Teacher in America

In a world of uncertainty, Real Magic School offers certain answers to a mysterious subject. Brought to you by the only person to ever earn an accredited degree in Magic, P.E. Isaac Bonewits, this online academy offers more than an ordinary education.

Rossville, IL (PRWEB) February 25, 2008 — America and the Western world have always been fascinated by Magic, both in theory and the practice. Some people dream about the magic arts and other spend their lives studying the skills. Yet only one man has ever received a degree in Magic and Thaumaturgy from an accredited Western university and that individual is P.E. Isaac Bonewits, in 1970 from the esteemed University of California at Berkeley.

While very controversial when awarded, it foreshadowed a movement that has swept the nation and world. On February 29th, 2008, P.E. Isaac along with his wife Phaedra take another unique step and are opening a online academy called Real Magic School ( with the purpose of teaching magic in it’s various forms and gaining accreditation for its future degrees.

While the Harry Potter Phenomenon swept the world and has offered a fictional view of a magical academy, Isaac is not Dumbledore and Real Magic School is not Hogwarts. Real Magic School is definitely real world and has a truly academic and educational philosophy unmatched in today’s world. Isaac Bonewits is a serious teacher, along with Phaedra, with lifelong experience, and is one of the most respected voices in the Pagan world today calling for academic truth and excellence in the study of magic and thaumaturgy, history, and Paganism.

Real Magic School, named after Bonewits first ground-breaking book, begins with a purposeful program of study that offers a pathway to an Associates degree in Magic. Further, the school begins immediately the process to seek academic accreditation, a process that is both difficult and demanding but according to the school founders, worthwhile. P.E. Isaac Bonewits has chosen to take his degree, his lifetime of experience, and his driving energy to create an academy that is truly a benefit to its students and future alumni. This will be a life changing experience for everyone who gets involved.

If you want to learn more and study magic, check out Real Magic School at, or call 217-748-4078 for more information.

We’re not really sure if I’m uniquer(!) than any other teacher, but I have been around the Neopagan and occult movements for a few decades, as has Phaedra, and have taught tens of thousands of readers and students.

We are grateful to the founders of Witch School, Ed Hubbard and Don Lewis, for coming to us and offering not just to handle all the technology and record keeping, but to provide a steady income as well. This means that we will be able to concentrate on providing good study materials and writing new books for the foreseeable future.

The website for Real Magic School isn’t finished yet, but you can surf on over there and read the official Welcome letter, get an idea of what we’ll be doing, and even sign up!

bright blessings,

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