Isaac’s Iota

With the Feast of the Turkey God coming up, it’s a good time to give thanks to those who have taught so many of us so very much. Every year the Roman Catholic Church does a special collection of donations called “Peter’s Pence” (a pence being more-or-less a penny). The idea is to collect a multitude of small donations specifically for the care and upkeep of the pope. I’ve been accused of trying to be a “Pagan pope” on more than one occasion, so it’s occurred to me that it might be a nice idea to start a new Pagan custom, “Isaac’s Iota” (an iota being something very small, like the Greek letter of that name), to be observed in November.

This ties in with what I’ve written in the past about the need to support Pagan elders and seniors. With the American economy being in the pits for all but the wealthiest of us, you can be sure that your favorite authors, clergy, and group leaders, especially if over 50, will be experiencing harder times than most folks in the Neopagan movement. So have one less pizza or one less beer, or buy one less DVD or sci-fi novel. Instead give what you would have spent on personal indulgence to a Pagan Elder or senior, either directly through their website or PO box, or indirectly by buying one of their books or craft objects.

Should Phaedra and I be the recipients of such Pagan charity, we will be very grateful, and you can use this button to send us a direct donation. But please give to some Pagan Elder(s) somewhere and help keep them able to help you.

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