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If you got here from our front page, you already saw this announcement. But if you didn’t, here it is again:

After a great deal of thought, Isaac and Phaedra have decided to cease selling autographed books via this website. We will probably bring copies of recently released titles to major festivals, but it just is not cost effective to lock money into inventory when our turnover is so slow.

The physical inventory storage problem has also become increasingly difficult as we have released more and more titles. This is probably one of the few downsides to success, but we live in a tiny apartment that is already bulging at the seams! Part of our long-range planning for the move to Ashland, Oregon in 2008 involves purging our home (and storage locker) of unneeded objects. Books, as you may all know, can take up a lot of space!

All of our books will continue to be available at,,, etc. (we’re leaving the direct title links in place), and through your local metaphysical book shops (the really hip ones anyway). Pre-publication orders already received will of course be honored, or if people get tired of waiting we can send them refunds. We encourage you to purchase our books at your local metaphysical shop. Naturally, we will be happy to autograph your copies no matter where you purchase them!

Isaac’s jewelry designs and music will still be sold through the website and his graphic designs on multiple charming objects via his CafePress shop.

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