Spells for Democracy: August Vacation Edition

Hi everyone,

Everyone’s on vacation, including Justice and Liberty! The Iraq government (which is busy marking time till the Americans leave, so they can own their own damned oil), Congress, and even Mr. Bush have left the hot cities for the slightly cooler suburbs. Must be time for us to get to work, while they are all relaxed and not expecting trouble!

If you will hop on over to this handy diary post at Daily Kos, you will find a series of clear, matching photos of the Forces of Evil™ from King George on down to Countess Rice and Baron Rove.

I’ve missed most of the activity at the Spells for Democracy list for months. Partly due to feeling under the weather, partly due to focusing my attention on Earth Plane memetic engineering at DailyKos and elsewhere, partly to researching and writing new books.

I’d like to see us revive the Tuesday night spells, focusing on

(a) revelations of dirty secrets they don’t want known.

(b) accidental honesty spells to make them blurt out the truth in public circumstances.

(c) A direct binding on Prince Dick’s efforts to bomb Iran and start yet a third disastrous war should also be a top priority.

(d) Courage spells on your local Senators and Congressmembers, to get the impeachment wagons rolling.

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