Back in the Saddle Again

I’ve just updated the software for this blog and so far, so good. I’ve lost the curly quotes and other special symbols, but everything else seems to be intact. The interface is a little different, but close enough to the previous that we should all be able to use it easily enough.

We haven’t been blogging much, as I’m sure regular visitors have noticed. I’ve been under the weather a lot and Phae has been exhausted from her day-job. We’re going to try to keep this up a lot more frequently in the future.

Let us know what you’d like us to chat about, or register and post a few items yourself! In the next day or so, I’m going to be discussing more Spells for Democracy, Al Gore, new jewelry products, book news, future podcasts, online tarot readings from Phae and I, and other topics.

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World famous (or is that notorious) Druid/Wiccan/Heathen/Santarian author, speaker, pundit, etc. Google me to see what I've been doing with my life and what my friends and enemies think about me.
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2 Responses to Back in the Saddle Again

  1. sari0009 says:

    Well, I sure hope you’re feeling better.

    In newer posts, the presence and number of comments are not showing up until one opens comments.

    How do you think Al Gore and his wife will fare in regards to education(al) initiatives vs. censorship/social (power and control) programs?

    While looking forward to Poisoned Waters, when is the revamped Real Magic coming out and just how different do you think it might be?

    Podcasts are “rad” man, how much equipment do you still need, and speaking of rad, when do you think politicians and the media will both stop using the words radical, extremist, or radicalized when they mean “terrorist” or “trained terrorist?” Anyone different from a wingnut is supposedly extremely different from them and anyone extremely different is an extremist. Heh. One can only hope that having a more intelligent person in office would mean we wouldn’t have to hear our language molested as part of daily public intercourse.

  2. Cavalary says:

    In case you’re using a plugin to display the number of comments, disabling and then re-enabling it should make things work again. Upgrading to 2.2 tends to mess up plug-ins like that (and upgrade to 2.2.2 while you’re at it as well). If it’s not a plug-in, hmm, template issue?

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