Tonight’s Spell for Democracy (10/10)

According to our original list, tonight’s spell is, “Call on the
Founders, Lady Liberty, Columbia, Justice and the other spirits of
America for help.”

After a few weeks, I’m a-thinking this is a little vague. So let’s
say we combine those invocations with one of the previously done
revelation spells.

As I suggested in Pittsburg this weekend: take a photo of your local
sleazebag candidate and put it on your altar with some images of the
Goddesses and founders and some candles at a distance. Light the
candles and meditate on their light burning away all shadows that may
hide their dirty secrets.

Move the candles closer and meditate again. Add more candles, closer,
yes, closer, more, yes, closer, yes, yes, yes!!!!!

Uh-hem. Actually the feminine wave orgasm/spell casting method is
probably more appropriate than the masculine explosion style.

You can do this spell over the course of a long night or every night
for a week. All our work should be getting more intense as we get
closer (!) to the elections.

AND I want everyone here to volunteer at least three hours of
secular/mundane work on behalf of a progressive candidate making
phone calls, fund raising, etc., EVERY WEEK until election day, AND
on election day itself.

I have a strong feeling/dread that helping out Ned Lamont against Joe
Lieberman in Connecticut is going to wind up being extra important,
because there is no guarantee that Lieberman (if elected) will not
switch to being a Republican. If there’s a 51/49 Dem/Repub split in
the Senate, that would give control back to the Forces of Fascism.

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