Spells for Democracy: 13 Tuesdays

On August 14th, a member of our Spells for Democracy e-list made a suggestion for a series of weekly workings on Tuesdays between then and Election Day. Here’s the list of Tuesday assignments that she posted on 8/14, with a few additions for gaps:

(08/15) Glamour to improve candidate’s charisma, attract attention (past)
(08/22) Wit, skill and intellect to handle all that new attention, can be combined with #1
(08/29) Press awareness, wipe the veils from their eyes, do their job right
(09/05) Enchant money to spread the energy & bring in donations
(09/12) Leave pictures of the opposition in the hot sun and call on the light of
Truth to expose their evil
(09/19) Spell to increase curiosity, courage, and tenacity of local and national journalists
(09/26) Klutzokinesis spell on opposition candidates, political party spin- masters to make them accidentally speak truth in public
(10/03) Spell to encourage whistle-blowing at the Diebold corporation about secret programming and hacking plans for their voting machines
(10/10) Call on the Founders, Lady Liberty, Columbia, Justice and the other
spirits of America for help
(10/17) Release the salamanders! (undoing damage of gerrymandering)
(10/24) Set up an energy matrix on the astral around all polling places to
ensure fairness
(10/31) Offerings to powerful Changemaker deities like Sekhmet, Kali, etc.
(11/07) Big honkin’ spell-casting all day long combining the first 12 workings
(or as much participation as you can manage) & nighttime results vigil

Remember in all cases, having photographs of the people we are targeting is a big help. You can also use campaign flyers, images of donkeys (or an elephant when appropriate), etc.

For background on who we are and what we’re trying to accomplish, visit our Spells for Democracy page at this website. For more details on the project as it proceeds, join the Spells for Democracy egroup at yahoogroups.com.

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