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A Kinder Gentler Triumphalism/Unilateralism?

On Ralph Peters’ Return of the Tribes

Ralph Peters is essentially saying that, globally, Christianity (inferred in the scope of his works) must “recognize and exploit (class warfare?) local customs (which he states often are “cumulative” rather than proactive and have to do with syncretic Shamanism, magic, “exclusive” “barricades,” and connection to the Earth) in order to enact “the religious counterrevolution of our Islamist enemies.” Continue reading

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The Importance of Amazon Book Reviews

A few days ago I indulged myself by googling to see how many reviews of The Pagan Man had been posted online. I was astounded that over 1,000 had been posted… Continue reading

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Spells for Democracy: 13 Tuesdays

On August 14th, a member of our Spells for Democracy e-list made a suggestion for a series of weekly workings on Tuesdays between then and Election Day. Here’s the list of Tuesday assignments that she posted on 8/14, with a few additions for gaps:
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Book Sales So Far

I’ve heard from my publishers about how the sale of my latest books are going, and so far so good. Continue reading

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The Druid cried “Peace!”

And there was no peace. No, I’m not talking about a lack of war, though that is certainly something I have shouted about before, but rather the sort that happens in the phrase that ends, “and quiet.” Continue reading

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Druid book now shipping

I am delighted to announce that Bonewits’s Essential Guide to Druidism is now shipping from,, and Continue reading

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Apparently our webhosting company moved everything to new servers and lost a few days’ worth of blog along with updates to the site. Continue reading

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