Dark Fluffies—Threat or Menace?

While reading a well-known Pagan website earlier today, I ran across a clueless teen whose writing at first seemed very similar to that of a classic Pagan Fluffy Bunny (as discussed in Making Fauna Pagans and at my Cafe-Press store). But as I read on, I slowly realized that I had discovered a whole new subspecies!

This kid wasn’t clueless and innocent, he was clueless and Evil! He managed to crank out page after page of pretentious drek about “Vampyres” and “Dark Paganism” and “Other-Kin.” Much of this read like softcore Satanism, only without the Christian Anti-God. He was so shallow, he made the mainstream Satanists look deep. He was, in short, a Dark Fluffy!!

Inspiration hit me like bananna-cream pie in the face, so I was forced to add a new animal to the Pagan Menagerie:

If people like it, I’ll make some t-shirts or coffee mugs available.

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