“Always look on the bright side of life…”

The good news is that we’re finally done, the U-Haul van has been returned and everything that was in our old house is now here, in storage, or at the dump. Of course, U-Haul charged us nearly as much as the professional movers wanted, and the old landlord decided to change the locks on the garage that our tools and camping supplies were in, and we’re all exhausted and beat up, physically and mentally.

And I’ve got nine days to proof the galleys of The Pagan Man, while unpacking boxes and getting ready for the first of my workshops and handfasting extravaganzas in Cincinnati, Ohio. But now that we have cut our living expenses by $600 a month, our finances will begin to break even in a few months. All we have to do is find another $500 for U-Haul, pay the old landlord $2250 for the month it took us to move (he charges a $10 per day “penalty” for late payment), keep Phae’s car payments up, and buy groceries. Nothing to it, right?

As Phae and I remind each other frequently, “We are trained magicians. We can alter our state of consciousness at will.” So we are going to stay positive, invoke the Gods and the Ancestors for their blessings, and Keep on Truckin’.

Now that the computers are fully functional again, I will take a day or two to go through all the email that has piled up while we were offline. There are gems in there, even though I have to wade through Spamalot…

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